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Millbrae Saddlery, Redwood Drive, Thorntonhall, Glasgow, G74 5BD
 Tel   01355 - 573000     Mobile  07940 - 455292

Welcome to Millbrae Saddlery's website!  Millbrae Saddlery is a long established business.  Millbrae Saddlery is owned by Donald McLellan. Donald is a Master Saddler and a Society of Master Saddlers  Qualified and Registered Saddle Fitter. Donald has been selling, fitting, producing, and repairing saddlery and leather goods for over thirty years.  Donald is the only Master Saddler & Society of Master Saddlers Qualified & Registered Saddle Fitter in the Glasgow Area and with over 30yrs in the saddlery trade is 2nd to none.
Millbrae Saddlery supplies a large range of saddles, exquisite bridles, a large selection of saddlery accessories and has a superb saddlery repair and saddle fitting service. Millbrae Saddlery is a member of the Society of Master Saddlers for more details go to
Saddle Fitting has become a major part of the business.  Donald can call out to your yard and fit new, pre-owned or synthetic saddles. He also comes out to assess your current saddle and discuss your requirements.  If you prefer you can bring your horse to Millbrae Saddlery there is a purpose built arena, large car park and workshop on site. There is a fee for saddle fitting - please phone Donald for more details.
Donald makes exquisite bridles which can be made to your sizes & colour choice.
Under the current climate saddlery repairs are a great way to save money.   Repairs and alterations can cost far less than the replacement cost of item.  A Stitch in time saves 9!
At Millbrae Saddlery there is an excellent Rug Wash\Proof and Repair service.

The workshop is open from 08.30- 14.30 Weekdays & 09.00 - 13.00 Saturday
Saddle Fittings are from 14.30 - 18.00  by appointment Mon - Fri.
Saturday morning appointments can be arranged at Millbrae Saddlery.
Tel: 01355 - 573000  Mobile 07940 - 455292