Donald McLellan

Master Saddler* SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter*Leather Craftsman

Expert in Fitting all Types of Horses - Particularly

Difficult to Fit Cobs and High Withered Horses.

What is a Saddle Fitting?

 A Saddle Fitting is when a Saddle Fitter calls out to fit a new saddle or to assess the saddle you already have.  On average this can take up to an hour and sometimes longer.  Your horse is first assessed from the ground and a template of the horses withers is taken.  You will then be required to ride the horse to see how the saddle performs whilst being ridden.  This is also important for the rider to assess how they feel in the saddle 

How Often Should I Get My Saddle Checked?

The Society of Master Saddlers reccommends that you get your saddle checked twice a year.  This is to ensure that seasonal changes are accounted for  -  eg. Summer weight gain or loss and changes in the work that you do with your horse.  These can all have an effect on the fit of your saddle. The more comfortable and happy your horse is in his saddle the better he will be able to perform!

 Why Choose a Qualified Saddle Fitter? 

A Qualified Saddle Fitter is someone who has been trained by and has passed an exam on Saddle Fitting as set out by the Society of Master Saddlers.  As the fit of your saddle is important to the well being of your horse itis important to choose someone who is qualified.

Donald McLellan is a Qualified and Registered Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitter.  He is also a Master Saddler and has over 30 years experience in the trade.  Donald is able to carry out repairs and alterations by himself.  This means that there is no need for your saddle to be sent away for someone else to carry out the work on your saddle.  Which makes the whole process a lot simpler and quicker. You can choose saddles from many different brands including Albion, Bates, Dever, Fieldhouse, Ideal, Pessoa, Thorowgood & Wintec.

When and Where?

Saddle fittings can be carried out at your yard or at Millbrae Saddlery.  Saddle fittings are by appointment and between 14.30 and early evenings - Monday to Friday.  A Saturday morning appointment can be made at Millbrae Saddlery. 

Please phone -01355- 573000  or  07940 455292  for more details.


After your horse a saddle is probably the most expensive item you will buy so it is very important that you buy a well fitting saddle.  A badly fitting saddle can cause not only pain and discomfort for your horse but can also lead to behavioral problems and lameness.

Donald McLellan - Fitting a Saddle at Millbrae Saddlery.

Donald prides himself in offering the best possible service to get the best possible fit for you and your horse.  Donald can call out and fit new, secondhand or synthetic saddles at your own yard or he can call out and assess your current saddle and carry out any alterations that are required.  If you prefer you can bring your horse to Millbrae Saddlery where you can make full use of all the facilities and services.  There is a large car park with room to turn, a purpose built arena and a fully fitted out workshop on-site.


Please phone 01355 - 573000  Mob 07940 - 455292 for more details.