Donald McLellan

Master Saddler & Leather Craftsman


Saddlery Repairs are a major part of the business.

Most importantly saddlery repairs are carried out skillfully & quickly. The majority of saddlery repairs are returned within 5 working days,  Saddles usually 2-3 days or same day by arrangement! As a Master Saddler with over 30yrs experience I know that your equipment is important to you and my priority is to provide the best repair solution in the shortest time.

 A First Class Rug Wash & Repair Service is available at Millbrae Saddlery.  


 Over the years I have become aware that many people do not know of all the many things that can be repaired and simply throw out their equipment.  You don't always have to replace something just because some stitching has come away or broken.



For eg Stirrup leathers   before &  after pictures



Billet hook stud   before and after pictures





Many people buy a new saddle then six months later find that the saddle is sitting low on the horses withers.  This can often be remedied by reflocking (filling wool in the panel) this lifts the saddle up clear of the horses wither again. No need to buy another new saddle!


Please phone:-

Workshop  01355 - 573000   Mobile  07940 - 455292 

for more details.